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Building an Engaged Social Media Audience

 Sean Huntington & Cameron Jarman, Keep It Wild Co.

More than ever before, businesses are turning to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, to boost their revenue and engagement with potential customers. That's because social media is now a major marketing tool for businesses worldwide. However, managing your company's Facebook or Instagram isn't the same as managing your own. Cultivating a wide-reaching online presence takes time and understanding of how to use social media platforms. In this workshop we will: 1. Define the benefits and features of the most common social media platforms, 2. Discuss how to create a content mix for each platform, 3. Use Instagram & Twitter's "DMs" (direct messages) to expand business and create partnerships, and 4. Share tips & tricks to engage your followers. We will share how Keep it Wild built our on-line audience and then help each of you define a strategy that's best for your business.