A unique residency program for Native visual artists.


The Change Labs Artist Rezidency selects one practicing Native visual artist to create original public artwork that promotes Native American entrepreneurship.

Change Labs believes that Native American visual artists are uniquely positioned to support and promote small businesses in tribal communities by sharing their creativity with small business owners. Native entrepreneurs across the Navajo and Hopi Nations struggle with the day-to-day tasks of operating and growing a small business. In addition to the lack of infrastructure, many small businesses lack marketing collateral such as a business logo, business cards, a web presence, or professional signage. On a more fundamental level, some Native entrepreneurs report a stigma associated with “business” or “entrepreneurship,” corroborated by the fact that most indigenous languages lack words or concepts to describe these activities. In response, Change Labs seeks visual artists who want to use their artist talents to benefit tribal communities by:

  • Supporting a small group of Native American startups with their creative expression and marketing collateral

  • Creating one public artwork that illustrates the intersection of entrepreneurship and Native American culture

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The Change Labs Artist Residency is a one-year program that provides:

  • 48 hours of entrepreneurial training, including business model review and financial training. Note that while the residency program is open to all visual artists, the program is best suited to artists who expect to sell their artwork and would benefit from entrepreneurial training and support.

  • 100 square foot studio space in Tuba City throughout the Residency

  • Up to $5,000 in art supplies

  • A $40,000 stipend to support living costs and daily transit to/from Tuba City


All applicants must agree to the following list of expectations during the duration of their Residency:

  • Spend 8-hours per month at the Change Labs facilities supporting members of the community with their artistic queries.

  • Deliver one public artwork by the close of their residency in June 2020.

  • Provide monthly artistic support (as needed) to up to 10 Native American small businesses from the Southwest.

  • Host one 90-minute creative workshop on a topic of your choosing for the general public.

  • Properly maintain studio space and leave it in the same condition in which it was found.

  • Will conduct his or herself with a high level of professionalism while in residence.

  • Refrain from using illegal drugs or possession of such drugs on the premises.

  • Seek approval for any guests visiting the studio.


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