Support this work

We want to build relationships with individuals and funding entities who want to invest in a our vision for self-sustainability on tribal lands. By supporting the growth of Native American small businesses, we can improve the economic future of our Native families and communities.  

To the right are initiatives that require funding support in order to implement. Contact us to start a conversation about how you can help. 


4000 sqft


We need support to fund construction of our 4000 square foot space on land designated to us by the local government. The space houses the tools we will offer to local entrepreneurs, such as rentable office space, a jewelry making studio, meeting rooms, retail space, and a commercial kitchen.  We need sponsors who believe in the power of small business support to transform local economies to join this effort.  

Become a member


We need commitments from interested entrepreneurs, startups, and residents to join our community. Sign up for the email listserv and be the first to know when membership pre-orders go on sale in 2019. Six office space and ten dedicated desks will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis! Sign up for news

Monthly workshops


A key part of community engagement is providing continuous opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their confidence and their capacity. We host monthly hands-on workshops on topics ranging from leadership ability, to public speaking, to brand development, and the importance of prototyping. Each workshop requires a sponsor to support travel expenses by our workshop leaders, food and beverages for our attendees.